• Choose the Patient-Centered Approach

    Being a patient in the United States with any of our ChooseUSHealth hospital partners means having the very best-in-class specialists at your side. Our entire network of dedicated physicians, providers, nurses and support staff deliver nurturing care on a personal level. We focus solely on delivering the highest-quality experience, so we can tailor treatment to you and you alone. Care in the United States is indeed comprehensive – from initial travel arrangements and patient consultation, the coordination of treatment procedures, post-surgical care, and final recovery.

    Available services typically include:

    • Culturally sensitive approach to meet your unique needs
    • Personal guidance through travel, consultation, procedures, and therapy
    • Online technology to make surgical and financial selections, stay informed, and streamline paperwork

  • Choose Driven Physicians

    Patients come to the United States for life-changing treatment, and the physicians trained at institutions in our network undergo rigorous medical education and hands-on learning that require intense commitment and focus. Physician education typically includes:

    • 4 years of undergraduate study
    • 4 years of medical school
    • Up to 7 years of residency
    • Up to 3 years of fellowship for certain specialties
    • Exams to obtain a license to practice medicine
    • Continuing medical education1

    Our hospital partners recruit thought leaders in innovative treatments, learned through their extensive education and experience. We believe that continued learning and collaboration at home and with global medical communities is essential. As a patient, you will have the unique opportunity to consult with leading experts in their field.

  • Choose Results

    Continuous investment in scientific discovery has allowed for the development of promising, targeted therapies for diseases that are difficult to treat, including certain types of blood, ovarian, breast, and kidney cancers.

    • Billions of dollars are spent on cutting-edge discovery and research by the US annually
    • 22% of US federal research and development investments go to the Department of Health and Human Services2
    • According to a recent survey, 83% of US providers with international patient programs also teach clinicians and hospital administrators about strategies to improve healthcare in their home countries3

    In addition, medical researchers in the United States lead the world in advancing one of the most successful weapons against cancer and other diseases whose treatments may be affected by an individual’s unique genetic makeup – DNA sequencing. In particular, American healthcare institutions are on the global frontier of incorporating innovations in genomics research into cancer treatment.